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Simulation Layouts

Auditorium Consultants is the chief brand in all types of auditorium and theatre related products and services. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers have created some of the most helpful and absolute simulations in both pre layout and post layout phases. Our engineers create the finished look from the basic idea of the structure proposed to be build. These simulations can be for the construction of the building, its wiring and plumbing, the aesthetic look of the theatre, human management, emergency evaluation, acoustics, sound projection, audience and sightlines and anything else that requires a planning before execution. These plans are helpful in determining the pitfalls and hence covering up the risks. These layouts are not only constructed on screen, they are also designed at the same time. In this manner the public places and the building plans are constructed on a zero-risk basis. In getting a makeover of an old theatre, the damages and wastes can be reduced by virtually estimating the areas demanding change, instead of bringing the whole thing down.

Our simulation layouts are multifaceted, giving the proposed view for all the components in a single console. Hence you will not need to swap from file to file to view the different aspects of the same project. Also, these plans are based on state of the art technology, defined on a fine scale and geometrically accurate so that the project comes out absolutely symmetrical.