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floor plan

A floor plan gives an up to down view of the auditorium in a horizontal form. The auditorium floor plans designed by Auditorium Consultants are full proof and exact to the required dimensions. These plans are also compatible with safety procedures. Floor plans communicate about the key characteristics and the potential of available space. They are not just good to have a look at, they are very essential to understand the workings of the auditorium. The shape of the stage, green room, atrium, tea room, lobby, entrance, help desk, number of seats, space between the seats, staircases, balconies and every other detail of the hall is presented in the auditorium floor plan. Our experts create the most spacious layouts with permanent stage and fittings, most appropriate for the intended performance. The public theatres we design are fully customizable. Once satisfied with the seat plan you can headstart for the project.