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Projection System for

Multiple applications

Projection System for Multiple applications

Auditorium Consultants deals in all types of projection systems and screens. Our featured services are for cinemas and theatres, mobile presentation, stage with movable/fixed lectern, Interactive whiteboards, ceiling mounted monitors, pendant speakers, rear projection system, curved/ straight screens, supplementary monitors, confidence monitors, and distance learning screens. We provide complete projection and surround sound for halls and conference rooms. We also install different types of projection screens for multiple applications. There are special screens and monitors for lectures, conferences, distance learning halls, stages with mixing console, 3D and other screens fully compatible with the latest standards and applications. We provide the best quality cyclorama screens installed in exact precision and view angle. Long throw and short throw, any type of shape or size, we have solutions for all types of auditorium and theatre requirements.
We have screens for both diffusely reflecting the image or diffusely transmitting the image on the screen, switchable, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, roll down screens as well as their respective projectors. The applications that manage these projections are hi-tech and ultra modern. The entire lighting can be managed in synchronisation with the surround sound from a single management console. The fabric and other materials used is of extremely superior quality and reliance. The other systems available with us are also of superior quality, highly versatile and comply with the latest technology. Auditorium Consultants is the most trusted brand in projection systems for multiple applications.