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wiring layout

electrical wiring layout

Electrical Wiring Layout:- (Step & Foot Lighting, Ceiling & Side Walls, Cob Lighting, Emergency Exit, Pop up boxes, Powerbackup) The electrical wiring layout of an auditorium shows the neatness of the network, as well as its compliance with good engineering practices.

The layout will show the wiring scheme of : Audio Wiring,Loudspeaker wiring, Equipment wiring, Entire power supply, Earthing system, MCC layouts, Cable Tray routing, Junction box layout, Other electrical detailing and tracing

The auditorium electrical wiring layout shows complete plant and system design, along with its details. The draft is formed by considering loads, power supply calculations, single lines, equipment specs, design of material, protection systems and the distance from flammable products (if any). The electrical systems require utmost attention to safety standards, hence our engineers work out every possibility and carefully scrutinise the design before making it final. These systems are also made convenient for use as per the number of sockets and connection points for the equipment. These layouts are also added to manuals for operation and maintenance as well as for any future changes to be made in the structure. The assembly of all electrical components and machines and the respective energy required for their functioning is separately mentioned in an appendix to the layout. It will set forth the requirements and overall structure of the electrical systems for any alteration, repair, or recommendation. The placement for individual electrical components that will a part of a larger system will be skipped.