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Right from the rough stretch idea of an auditorium till the final execution 'Auditorium Consultants' escorts you through out. In over a decade of expedition we have earned a superlative stature in auditorium architecture consultancy. We are a professionally managed organization having a dense presence throughout India with our core specialized units. Aiming perfection in each task, we do always believe in delegating even the smallest assignments to our task expertise units. We value professional ethics, we honour our commitment and we do believe in delivering surplus expectations.


'Auditorium Consultants’ vision is to set new paradigm of exceptionalism with the absolute togetherness of superior human resource and all stakeholders. We just aim to be the emblem in auditorium consultancy.


Our mission is to act as an usher for our customers in achieving their desired output by providing innovative & best-in-class consultancy, parallel to make it delectation for all stakeholders and elongate together.


Our work philosophy is to dive deeper in client’s mindset and then explore exactly what client really wants, without compromise at all with end sense of satisfaction, neither clients nor ours.


No matter what your project demands, no matter what your needs are, you rest assured. Auditorium Consultants has the experience and expertise along with the superior men power and resources to get it done exemplary.


We understand that modelling an auditorium is not only about shaping a architectural layout in to a building, rather it’s about scientific fixture and placement of various components keeping in view the desired outcome, focus, safety & security feasibility, quality assurance and foremost deriving the optimum out of the deployed resources. Hence we believe in entire specialization approach throughout while wizarding even for the smallest of task.


We understand the substance of scientific lighting. Auditorium Consultants has the team of technical lighting experts equipped with most advanced equipment's. We recommend and guide you the most suitable lighting solutions, based & backed by methodical site analysis report of subject experts. With our consultancy we assure to deliver surfeit your expectations irrespective of any scale and within projected budget.


Sound aspect of an auditorium is actually the soul of auditorium, scientific sound system is in fact the gravity of an auditorium. We well understand the technical aspect of sound engineering. Our team of sound engineering experts has ample experience and is equipped with almost everything essential to advise and guide our clients so that they may get the desired output.


Auditorium Consultants provides customized architectural acoustics consultancy. Our acoustical solutions guarantee the spread of desirable sound as well as omitting undesirable sound. Our acoustic experts are available in your service on Toll Free Number 1800 200 6000.


Seating and flooring arrangement is one of the cardinal aspects of an auditorium. We provide consultancy for customize seating and flooring arrangements in accordance to clients stipulation and auditorium outlay. Scientific seating proposition plays an evident role, hence we do it scientifically by deploying our subject experts.


Auditorium Consultants is the adroit providing recommendation and guidance for prodigious video projection solutions for every client segment including Auditoriums, Cinemas, Theaters, Multiplex and Corporate. Our team is well updated and compatible with à la mode cinema & visual techniques.