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Virtual Reality

Auditorium Consultants is the leading brand in creating theatres and auditoriums, fully equipped with virtual reality resources. We employ state of the art technology to deploy audio visual techniques, which includes 4K projection system, active and passive 3D projections, integrated video system, surround sound, hearing assistance, headsets and other accessories. Our projection systems are hi-tech and provide real-time visuals, based on modern research in the relevant streams. We have developed an impressive portfolio from high-resolution display screens to immersive 3D effects. These systems can also be integrated with distance learning and remote conferences. Our rear-projection screens are designed to minimum reflectivity and maximum contrast balance. The images are shown in full detail even in high ambient brightness conditions, bringing out hyperreality to the finest scale.
There is no absoluteness of our products, we have a wide range of products with quite versatility and all-purpose uses. Not just auditoriums and theatres, we have catered to many realtors in displaying their properties in an immersive environment. The digital display caves give a surrounding of your choice to any number of walls. You can choose to install head mounted projectors, or collaborative screens, depending upon the venue and event intended. Our virtual reality solutions are based on the latest and most suitable technology, giving real-time experience to the viewers.