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3D View

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3D View & 360 View

Auditorium Consultants is equipped with the ultra-modern audio visual technology. We install these most modern equipment in the auditoriums, business places, huddle rooms, showrooms and other venues along with integrated applications for 3D and 360 degree projection. These systems come with enhanced audio systems and real-time 3D views. The 3D projection allows to display images at a real-like feel whereas 360 degree view gives an all round view from each angle. Here, we are committed to our buzzing proactivity by going that extra mile in imaging and projection. Our solutions go beyond the boundaries of usual visual experience. They are exceptionally high in quality, easy to set up, easy to use and give absolutely stunning experiences. The use of 360 degree view can be made in both cave / immerse styles as well as on screen. In the immersive types, images are collaborated into a set of screens on all sides, forming a real time experience. The caves with 360 degree view are especially helpful in displaying things that require audience involvement and where the images are larger than human size.

The 3D screens and displays on flat surfaces come with the full surround sound and visual aids. The projectors and screens are commonly used in cinemas and theatres, but our portfolio also includes projects with screen walls and curved screens with full 3D experience. These screens function on complex optical engineering and are made by involving latest technology. Auditorium Consultants is the most trusted and renowned brand in 3D view and 360 degree view displays and projectors.