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Auditorium Design

An auditorium building is specifically constructed, playing with pockets and reflectors so that the limited scope within the walls can be fully utilised. These limited spaces have to accomodate large number of people. They come with pre-sectioned multiple-stories to accommodate the seating, equipment and staff. Raise stage space occupies even more space. Such tight roped adjustments can often spoil the aesthetics, but thanks to our experts who know exactly which peg to be placed in which hole. They come up with intelligent plans to accommodate all that large audience and the paraphernalia altogether, along with impressive acoustics. These architectural drawings are created by paying special attention to the taste of client and functionality of the room. We do not end our digging with just one or two plans, we keep making draft after draft until a perfect architectural drawing is knotted up. The drawings are detailed, keeping the bits of ornamental changes required at the end. Both the interior and exterior is redesigned on paper. You can make the needful changes before the project actually commences.

Apart from the central hall floor plan, we have architectural drawings for different segments as well which includes elevation, sections, floor plan, sitting layout, HVAC layout, stage furnishings, sound system design and acoustical layout.