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cctv camera

Auditorium Consultants is a direct supplier of high quality security cameras and surveillance systems for large business premises, auditoriums, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. We install completely user-friendly CCTV equipment for the facility of end user in businesses, homes, auditoriums and government offices. They are the latest models based on advanced technology. We have specialised in premise related applications among which security systems stand as the most crucial ones. The advancement in technology has supported the surveillance and monitoring to a large extent. Our range of product is expanding continuously based on a wide range of technological advancements, minimised size and high quality performance. From the nostalgic rotatory cams to night vision high clarity cams, the products are in the most diverse range. We specialise in dealing with cameras that easily merge with the environment and doesn't get noticed. They are very small in size, highly powerful and sturdy enough to bear physical impacts. The different features used in cameras are HD analog, HD resolution, wide dynamic range, Power over Ethernet, camera iris, PTZ technology, edge recording, tamper detection, remote focus, image and movement sensors, video compression and vertical and horizontal formats. You can choose the right type of camera based on the combination of these features.