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Section Drawings

The experts at Auditorium Consultants can give you the best sliced model of inhouse plan of auditorium on paper. The sectioned drawings are useful to foresee each segment of the room separately. These sliced drawings give an insight into how exactly the imaginary plane would look when finished. It also allows you to visualise how the empty spaces and isles would look. You can add your choicest colour to the runner and upholstery based on these section drawings. They are available in both vertical and horizontal cut.
The direction of the audience, degree of curve of the stage, placement of different curtains, different boards and blackouts, change in flooring throughout the hall and many other similar type of things can be assessed through sectioned drawings. They also show different scales of dashes through the entire plane. These sections are made easier to comprehend with the help of arrows showing the direction to which the view is intended. These directions also help to understand junctions and possible congestion during rush hours. We use different styles of shading and hatching to illustrate the plan, cut through opaque objects such as roofs, floors, walls and blinds. We have mastered the skill of presenting the most authentic drawing by assembling different components of the entire building and proposed setting.

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