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Fire fighting &

Safety system drawing

fire fighting & safety system drawing

Auditorium firefighting and safety systems include fireproof curtains, heat detectors, sprinklers, notification systems, signages, emergency evacuation ways, HVAC distribution, natural as well as mechanical exhausts and right type of flooring. The installation of all these safety systems is done within the shared space in the auditorium. This network in itself is very specific different subject, whose intelligible presentation is done only on a set of drawings. These drawings help other subjects of auditorium architectural plannings in creating their own space without meddling with the safety requisites. The layouts are shown in both horizontal and vertical plans. A virtual presentation of emergency situation can also be done in order to assess human load if it ever arises. The draft will show the following. Stage Fire Protection: The placement of curtains and nearest exhausts, ventilation, bearable temperature, alarms and extinguishers on both sides of the stage are shown pin to pin.
Sprinklers: The distance between each sprinkler, their plumbing and total number of sprinklers is shown with markings.
Life Safety: The emergency gates, evacuation system for differently abled or lives on wheelchair, capacity of evacuation and the relevant signs are shown. The rise and lowering in the floor level throughout the hall.