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Furnishing Layout

stage furnishing layout

The theatre in itself is a piece of art, formed by combining audience sightlines, acoustics, and accessories together. This piece of art requires final finishing which is the furnishings on both on stage and off stage. These furnishings are carefully selected and planned by the most efficient team at Auditorium Consultants. These furnishings are listed on a catalogue and their placement is specified on the relevant layout drawing. These layouts show the exact position of where and how different components are to be installed. The main auditorium and stage furnishings include effect lights, light bars, wings, side panels, scrims, dimmers, patch panels, curtains, curtain frills, laces and adornments. The other minute details can go as far as the type of fabric to be used in curtains and upholstery, carpets and runners, shape and style of frills and wings, backdrop etc.
The purpose of stage furnishing layout is to present an imaginary picture of how the finished stage would look like from the audience sightline. Any addition to the proposed furnishings can be done beforehand. Apart from the fixtures and acoustical objects, the stage also requires some ornamental elements to trap the attention of the audience. The layers of frills before each curtain, the difference between the grand valance and the mid-stage curtain, the shape, effect and distance of backdrop, shape of wings, colour combination and every other little detail is added to the drawing and its annexures.